Company Profile


Sterling was founded in 1924 in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and has been owned by the Hodes family since its inception. Much of its growth took place during the 1950s with the supply of domestic furniture to the Zambian copper mines. Sterling’s office furniture output grew during the 1960s and became a major part of its exports to South Africa in the late 1960s. Fire destroyed our factory in 1969 and we used the opportunity to set up a large modern factory in 1970 aided by the top German consultancy using the latest European technology and machinery. Our ability to produce large volumes of high quality as well as service our diverse range of products has made us a market leader.


Our entry into the South African market was with Knock-Down Natural Wood Veneer Panel products as well as wooden chairs. As the years have gone by we have moved out of chairs in the SA market to focus on both Veneer and Synthetic finished Desking and related panel products. We are the only manufacturer to offer ranges in Paper Foil, Melamine, PVC, Low Pressure Laminates as well as Wood Veneers enabling us to offer products at price points throughout the lower, middle and upper market sectors. Our strength is further enhanced by our local stock holding of many of these ranges in our Benrose Warehouse thereby offering fast delivery to our national dealer network.

The introduction of 4th Generation ranges some years ago has enabled us to become players in the Systems Office Furniture sector where we have supplied numerous multi-workstation projects through our dealers.